(1.4.6) Minecraft – Custom Terrain The Sunken Island Adventure Map

The Sunken Island Adventure is actually a good model of the extraordinary imagination and amazing terra developing abilities. In condition your unaware terra developing is primarily toning the land as part of on your path using Mods for instance MCEdit World Editor or the same Mods. Many men and women consider to make Maps and masterpieces all in your special. The developer on the Sunken Island Custom Map stated he was influenced that features a picture.

The Map is actually a desert island having a seaside round the out side in the island with two huge mountain tops to be the main focus. The complete island is encircled using a circle drinking water falls so you will discover no escape! Following the Map got launched it rapidly grew to become actually typical as its an unbelievable creation, therefore the developer began altering the Map in several ways so it could be performed being an Adventure Map. The Sunken Island Custom Map currently has a whole narrative. The expertise sees you finding concealed chests which aids for the adventure.

Sunken Island Custom Map Changelogs for Minecraft 1.5

  • Up-to-date improved enchanted items and items
  • Added some lapis luzi block ‘markers’
  • Fixed bugs
  • Transformed textures of numerous flooring in ruins and sites
  • Transformed ruin alter to be sure that technology-not only with no initiating the unit.
  • Added extra portal chunks following the main device, along with 2-3 other products and signs.
  • New custom biomes, jungle, beaches, sea, and also mushroom to stop mob breeding.
  • Up-to-date planet to new 256 height.

How to Install the Sunken Island Custom Map for Minecraft 1.5

  1. Download the Sunken Island Custom Map for Minecraft 1.5
  2. Type %appdata% to go to the roaming folder
  3. Open the saves folder
  4. Drag tied to the zip folder for Sunken Island Custom Map
  5. Close all house windows and open Minecraft
  6. Choose the Sunken Island Custom Map and play!


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